Day 4: Last day in London

I’m glad I was able to do most of the things I wanted to do during my visit here in London these past few days. There were so much more on my list, but I can save them for the next time I come back. London is truly beautiful and the people here are extremely sweet. While staying in Soho, there are endless amounts of restaurants to eat at and shops to explore. I absolutely enjoyed my stay here and would like to return soon!

For my last day here, my family and I decided to squeeze time in our morning to visit Big Ben, the Parliament (which isn’t pictured), and the London Eye. Words cannot explain how beautiful these landmarks are. You MUST see it for yourself.

I went from watching documentaries about Stonehenge on National Geographic or the Discovery channel, to visiting the prehistoric site myself. It was fascinating. You can’t touch the stones (obviously), but you can get pretty close to the monument. The tour came with a small device that tells you more information and fun facts about the Stonehenge as you walk around its perimeter. There weren’t that many people when I went around 13:00, but once I was near the end of my tour, the crowd grew. Highly recommend visiting the site if you’re interested in the mystery and ancient history behind Stonehenge.



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