I’m still alive!

Keeping up with a blog is definitely something I want to work on. I just need to find that right balance of living in the moment, then write about it later that day. But the reason why I’m back is because I have a life update!

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you would know that I traveled to England, Greece, and Italy this past summer (I realized I didn’t write a post about Italy, sigh). Three months later, I came across an opportunity to study abroad in London and I knew I had to take the chance. Fast forward to this day, I’ve been accepted into the study abroad program and will be going to London this spring for a little over two months! I am beyond excited to return, and now I have much more time to explore the city and possibly the country!

The program is through the university that I am attending, and they have a great relationship with the school in London. This program is geared toward English majors (who would’ve guess?), so there will be a lot of art, English literature and theatre, which I am actually interested in experiencing. I am not an English major, and I do not consider myself artistic or creative at all, but hey, stepping out of my comfort zone is what I want to do more of. In my college career thus far, I’ve learned to take chances or else I will be stuck with “what if’s” and “not knowing what could have happened.” This experience is a perfect opportunity to fully emerge myself in a new setting to gain new experiences as a student and as a person.

I seriously cannot wait to hop on that plane to London. I will try my absolute best to blog blog blog during my time there.

Talk to you guys soon!



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